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Build your software using the most advanced tools and skillsets in the software industry. You wouldn't build your car from hand-me-down parts and inexperienced mechanics, so why hire anything but the best for your upcoming mobile apps? Electric Textiles focuses on well-planned design: the latest libraries, APIs, and design patterns for Objective-C and Google's Android SDK toolkit go into every ET project. Our engineers stay on top of MVC design philosophies, REST-ful APIs for rapid and efficient data caching, and the fastest and most efficient native and custom animation libraries.

Electric Textiles has experience in most advanced programming problem domains, including DRM and Video-On-Demand streaming, 3d gaming, and expert domain systems. We and our partners built the Blockbuster Video-On-Demand application for both Android and iOS platforms. Bomb! and TrueCost Mortgage demonstrate other technology systems that can be utilized by our clients. Contact Electric Textiles to start your next app now.


Splat Universal Mobile Controller

Electric Textiles brings you Splat, the Universal Mobile Controller! Splats are a no-adhesive, low profile solution to game input for retro and controller style games. If you need to know where your fingers are, you need Splats!


Clip Radio

Now you can interact with select radio stations using your smartphone - anytime, anywhere. Let Clip Radio listen when you listen for a fully interactive radio experience.

Clip Radio on iTunes
Clip Radio on Google play




Blockbuster 2.0 (iPhone/TBA) and 2.2 (Android) are the newest Video On Demand solutions in the mobile arena. Electric Textiles is part of the team behind both of these applications. We designed the MVC architecture, DRM subsystem, and asynchronous web communications for the iPhone app and the DRM and playback system for the Android app. Download now!
Blockbuster 2.0 on Google play




Bomb! is a simple reflex game in the spirit of Geometry Wars. It supports Apple's GameCenter for scoring and uses procedurally generated levels and difficulty so play is always intense.
Bomb! in the App Store




Enter the number of months you plan on living there, TrueCost Mortgage provides the two numbers that matter most when buying a house - the PITI that comes out of your pocket every month and the adjusted monthly TrueCost of owning a home for a certain number of months.
TrueCost Mortgage in the App Store




GitHub is a social source-control system and the center of mobile open source innovation.
Github for Electric Textiles, LLC




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